The first season of the Liturgical Year - Advent - is traditionally observed as a time of penitence as well as preparation for the coming Lord Jesus, both in the incarnation (Christmas) and also at the Final Resurrection. 

The English Church has always sought to reflect each season in decoration, and, historically, used only those things which were available seasonally. SCF encourages the re-adoption of such practices in order that our offering can be more authentic to the gifts God has given to us, locally. 

This page is here to support you as you embrace a sustainable Advent. 


A sustainable Advent wreath can be taylored to each specific holder. The primary objective is to provide a foundation for the five candles (representing the Sundays of Advent and Christmas Day). 

Candle stands differ from church to church. and so we do not want to give a one-size-fits-all model but rather empower you to be creative as you adapt to your own context.

In these videos, floral alchemist, Shane Connolly, demonstrates how to decorate an Advent Wreath